Purl – Disc

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When developing our first disc wheel, we had a few goals in mind. We wanted an aerodynamic design, we wanted the wheel to be stiff, we wanted it to be lightweight, and we wanted it to be durable enough to stand up to travel. The difficulty of creating our masterpiece was balancing the weight with the durability. This is not the lightest disc brake disc wheel but it is the most durable. Nothing puts a damper on your race when your disc wheel is damaged during transport with your bike. While every disc wheel is somewhat fragile by design, the Red Crown Cycling Purl was designed with durability in mind. Oh yeah, did we mention it has to look cool and be customizable like all our products? You can choose your custom “Crown” logo to match your bike, kit, or personality to overlay the elegant pie-shaped 18k matte finish.

Additional information


700x 23-28 tires

Outer Width


Inner Width


Tire type


Rim Weight

1350 grams (+/- 50 g)


Center Lock Disc Brake


Lenticular design, custom colored "Crown" logo to match your bike, kit, or personality

Core Construction

Solid foam


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